Could you save money this winter?

Its August but looking outside the window here at TJD Plumbing, Heating and Gas you would think it was almost winter in Tunbridge Wells. With this in mind I thought i’d use my first blog post to give some tips and advice on saving money over the winter period.

1, replace your boiler

If your gas and electricity bills are high in Tunbridge Wells have you considered upgrading your boiler. Boilers can make up over half of your annual energy bill, so its worth giving  TJD Plumbing, Heating and Gas a call to see if you could benefit from a boiler upgrade and  arrange for a free quotation. We are gas safe registered and can offer warranties up to 10 years on selected boilers.

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2, fit a smart thermostat

We are nest pro installers in and have fitted a wide range of smart thermostats. If you are interested in having intelligent heating and hot water controls fitted in Tunbridge Wells or Sevenoaks then please do get in touch with TJD Plumbing, Heating & Gas Ltd. Also remember that even just turning down your existing thermostat by 1 degree and by shutting doors and using draft excluders you could contain the heat in your home to help you stay warm.

3. Save water

A leaking tap uses a lot more water than you think, if its a hot tap its using water and energy! If you have a dripping tap, shower or toilet in Tunbridge Wells or Sevenoaks then give TJD Plumbing, Heating and Gas a call.

Use less water,– a standard bath takes around 80 litres of water, but taking a four minute shower can use half of that. We are also Aqualisa trained installers as well as fitting all other brands. Please give us a call to discuss upgrading your shower to a more efficient one.


4, Service your boiler


Servicing your old boiler will not only help improve its lifespan but also its efficiency. Servicing your new boiler is normally also required to keep the warranty valid. TJD Plumbing, Heating and Gas have kept up to date with most manufacturers and can competently service gas boilers. So if you need to book a boiler service call TJD today on 07748966845.



Contact us if you would like to find out more information about replacing your boiler or upgrading your heating.

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